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Digital solutions

About the company

LANDHOLM is a digital solutions provider for businesses looking to digitize their operations to improve their revenue streams and generate more leads.
What is our story? Your story is our story. We are a group of experienced digital business professionals, UI/UX designers, software engineers and entrepreneurs who share diverse backgrounds. Our team comes from multiple countries and is thus able to not only understand you, but also understand your customers.
Our team has over 12 years of experience which enables it to provide the right solutions. The professionals working at Landholm are specialized experts in their fields. We have worked in many industries in different roles. Each solution we provide to our customers reflects this. It is always specifically tailored to your needs.
We know the vital role generating digital leads plays in increasing revenue and market share. It can be challenging to take the right approach.
Keen problem solvers, we merge technical know-how together with cultural affinity to always find tailor-made solutions to any challenges. This expertise allows us to work together with you to achieve these results. Our customers have increased their sales thanks to our solutions.
Based in a multitude of cities spanning across two continents, we have led the digital transformation of various SMEs resulting in the expansion of their business in their markets as well as new ones like the Chinese market. Thanks to our expertise in digitalization strategy, digital tools, e-commerce as well as a multitude of industries, we have made the inaccessible, accessible, impossible, possible.
Together, let us form the dream team your customers need.



  • Digital solutions for Chinese market, marketing strategy in China via Chinese socials

  • Tencent cloud/Alicloud webdevelopment, incl e-commerce stores and other digital eco-systems

  • ICP and all legal procedures, inherent in the Chinese market

  • Wechat official accounts – registration and further account management

  • Wechat miniprogram registration, development and further lead generation

  • Building Wechat stores with follow up support
  • Company digital transformations: advising and performing

  • Driving E-commerce platforms and digital leads generation

  • CRM, accounting and stock management digitalization – integrate all systems and have a one place workspace with centralized data and dashboards. Embed digital marketing, customer track and digital analytics

  • Save your time on your manual work and invest it in your business expansion
  • Web development standard platforms: Magento, WordPress, Woocommerce, Shopify, CS-cart and many others

  • E-commerce platforms from scratch or platform optimizations based on your needs

  • Websites on custom php frameworks

  • Website graphic designs

  • SEO optimization
  • Check out some of our works


    Turning old-management style company into a data-driven growing business by digitalizing all management systems and introducing cross-channel integrations. Total website rebuilding  and developing online e-commerce product representation. 

    All that allowed us to have an efficient digital leads generation with its right further management. By only introducing a new approach, allowing to have a much wider overview, automazing manual work and increase of digital lead generation we could reach almost 30% growth in a first year.

    Get all  your incoming data in digits and serve them in one place.


    Another work of our team:

    The goal of the project is the enhancing social media presence in China mainland. We did this by website localisation and building up a strong marketing strategy via Chinese most popular social channels. Website was placed on Alicloud, translated from A to Z, Optimized for Chinese Firewalls to ensure the best content delivery to the user in China and rest of the world.

    Reach out to us to discuss and develop your company customized solutions and request here for more information on what we offer you to grow in this booming market.

    manufacturing and products for the Process, Medical, and Marine/Oil & Gas Industries globally is a project that required a full revive of the old website, including building from scratch e-commerce store, sales systems integrations and full SEO and digital marketing support. 

    At Landholm, we understand that every project is unique, and our commitment to delivering the best possible solution led us to choose WooCommerce as the foundation for this company presence.

    Why e-commerce? 

    • Affordable E-commerce Customization at its Finest
    • A Wealth of Free Plugins and Extensions
    • Almost no coding is needed
    • Seamless Integration with WordPress and SEO Compatibility

    Our team performed : 

    • Platform Selection
    • Design and User Experience development 
    • Product Catalog Setup
    • Payment Gateway Integration
    • Inventory Management
    • Building Products images database
    • Sales and accounting system integration for automatic exchange of stock. price and rest of data, which is generated during the day.
    • Rest of minor customizations

    As ongoing and long term services we are working on:

    • SEO Optimization and achieving best ranking in serach results
    • Whole support in digital marketing and day-to-day operations
    • Routine bug fixes

    Ongoing Magento Project: Crafted from the Ground Up

    From the inception of this project, our vision was clear: to deliver an e-commerce experience that seamlessly merges innovation, functionality, and aesthetics. Magento, with its unrivaled flexibility and scalability, was the natural choice to bring this vision to life.

    Key Highlights

    • Custom Design:  Our expert team of designers crafted a visually and user-friendly interface that reflects the brand’s identity and values.

    • Performance Optimization Speed and reliability are paramount in e-commerce. We’ve implemented industry best practices to ensure lightning-fast load times and smooth navigation, even as your store grows

    • Advanced Functionality:  Leveraging Magento’s extensive capabilities, we’ve incorporated advanced functionalities like custom stock and product data management integrations, intuitive search, and data syncing with suppliers data bases

    • Responsive Design:  In today’s mobile-driven world, a responsive design is non-negotiable. Our Magento-powered website adapts seamlessly to any screen sizes

    • Security Measures:  Protecting your data and your customers’ information is a top priority. We’ve implemented robust security measures, including regular updates and monitoring, to ensure your website remains safe and compliant

    • Scalability: As your business expands, your website should effortlessly scale with you. Magento’s scalability means your site can grow alongside your ambitions without compromising on performance


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