Digital Services for Chinese market

China isn’t only one of the biggest markets in the world, but it is also one of the most digitized. Around 80% of Chinese customers use digital channels to evaluate products and services while 66% use digital channels for purchases. To succeed in its highly competitive environment, having a solid digital strategy and structure is vital. To help you build the brand presence you need to triumph in China while generating leads and increasing revenue, Landholm offers the following services:
Digitization would not be sufficient to grow your brand sustainably if you did not have access to premium analytics to better understand your target market. China’s unique digital dynamics sometimes make it difficult to understand key metrics. Landholm helps you elaborate control measures to facilitate corporate decisions to strengthen your brand in China and gain market share.
With over a billion netizens spread across various social media platforms, it is often tough to find the suitable channels to communicate directly to the customers. Cultural nuances also play a vital role in selecting the perfect channel to enhance brand value. With extensive experience in both Chinese social media channels like WeChat, WeiBo or DouYin and Chinese culture, Landholm will be your guide to raise your brand’s status using these platforms.

WeChat Development for Your Business in China
If you’re planning to expand your business into China or want to revitalize your existing presence, don’t miss out on the immense potential WeChat offers. Contact us today to discuss your WeChat development needs, and let us help you unlock the doors to success in the Chinese market. Together, we’ll craft a strategy that will elevate your brand and drive growth through the power of WeChat. Read here more
CLOUD Developmets
Landholm’s partnerships with Tencent Cloud and AliYun (Alibaba Cloud) provide viable solutions to build a solid infrastructure your brand requires to conduct digital operations confidently and profitably. Depending on your brand’s needs and goals, Landholm will provide the right solutions to scale in China.

ICP Filing and rest of registrations
Business operations in China require compliance with local regulations which may sometimes be difficult to access due to language and technological barriers. 
Depending on web platform/website business activities, the set of registrations may vary. We are here for you to do all necessary legal procedures for complying Chinese law, including ICP filing, SSL certification and all the rest that might be mandatory. 

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