With the advent of Amazon and Alibaba, the world has witnessed a massive proliferation of online sales through e-commerce.

While it has become relatively simple to open an e-commerce store, the sheer amount of competitors vying for the same customers has made an e-commerce which stands out among them a relatively complex task requiring effective processes and know-how. It requires a state-of-the-art UI/UX for customers to not only be attracted to it, but to increase the conversion rates. Using proven techniques, revenues generated by e-commerce websites can increase dramatically.

Increased activity on e-commerce websites also poses challenges pertaining to the supply chain to avert any out-of-stock issues which may carry disastrous effects on generating leads and retaining customers.
Landholm proposes many e-commerce specific solutions for you to produce sales peace-of-mind. Learn more about them below:


Together with you, we establish an online sales strategy for your e-commerce shop. We make sure that the e-commerce website we will build is a perfect fit for your needs and goals. We then construct it using state-of-the-art tools, PHP frameworks or ready to use e-commerce platforms to ensure its robustness with optimal UI/UX. You only have to decide which of your services and products you want on the online shop and we will make the necessary structure with all its channels. Our clients have succeeded in launching their e-commerce websites using our services and we will make it a reality for you too.


Because products sold online are unlike those sold in brick-and-mortar shops, content plays a vital role to present the product to customers wanting the serenity they need to make the right decision in their purchase. Together with experienced content-copywriters, we ensure that your products stand out and provide sufficient information to your customers to not only purchase them, but also feel they have done so at a bargain. Using SEO and neuromarketing techniques, your e-commerce website will become more visible and adapted to your strategic corporate goals.


The visual aspect of your shop will be vital in altering your customers’ feelings and guiding them through their purchase decisions. We pay special attention to details and leverage the work of professionals to make your website look attractive and desirable for extended interaction. Our goal is to increase your conversions and to make your customers remember your online store.


The use of APIs for your e-commerce website is essential to develop the most optimal experience for both your customers and yourselves as the operators of the business. We use the most suitable APIs to improve search features, data input verification, transaction processes, security and the implementation of AI model recommender systems, connecting extensive analytics systems so that the value gained from your customers interaction with the website is maximized. Our team has extensive experience in the construction, use and implementation of APIs on websites, so you will benefit from APIs that boost your bottom-line.


E-commerce websites need marketing support to reach a greater audience and convert more leads. Thanks to a huge variety of ready-to-use tools like Mailpoet, HubSpot, Mailchimp and many others, you will be able not only to launch marketing campaigns to increase your conversions and get a personal interaction with your audience, but also get full insights of your clients and leads. We integrate these platforms for you and support operating it to their fullest extent. These will further increase your presence across a variety of channels online which will streamline more customers, exposing them your exquisite e-commerce

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