As business processes involving data become more complex, you need to be able to efficiently operate your data to optimize your customer relationships, corporate assets such as customers, sales and manage stocks & marketing. Inefficiency may be financially expensive and cost you a lot of precious time you could use for other business goals. Integration and automatization are key to save resources, stay sharp over the growth strategy and sales.

Using iPaaS and SaaS, Landholm will help you bridge the gap between legacy data frameworks (EDI) to modern applications (API) without disrupting your daily operations while providing a centralized dashboard you can easily manipulate to anticipate matters requiring data-driven decisions. As an experienced curator and provider of iPaaS and SaaS solutions architectures, Landholm will ensure you and your customers capture maximum value from the data you generate.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

A lot of your business operations, such as website analytics, CRM, sales and marketing rely on specific software. They help you to better understand customer behaviour, streamline leads and convert them to sales. Furthermore, they can help you automize these processes. These software services may generate a lot of different types of data which may be difficult to make sense within the greater picture: a lot of SaaS are not comprehension and each data flow may be operated by different software.

As a result, it is difficult to organize and manage. Most importantly, it is difficult to make decision driven by this data

Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

To optimize extracting insights from all the different data your business produces, integrating all of it together is vital. iPaaS is a set of tools which will automate all the data software your business uses which operate in different environments. iPaaS provides pre-built connectors, business rules, maps and transformations that facilitate the integration thereof.

Creating a right iPaaS architecture responding your specific business needs is the key for having a deeper understanding of where you have a window of opportunities and where you lose your points.

Landholm offers the following services:

Strategic Consultation

Based on your business needs, whether it would be managing your customers, or your supply chains, Landholm will establish your business’ SaaS and iPaaS needs.

Businesses working in different verticals have different needs. We work to understand your needs and the direction you want to take your business towards before providing the correct solutions for your data management. Together we will ensure that all your SaaS works seamlessly together and that an easily accessible dashboard is available for you to make data-driven decisions.

You will only focus on how you want your data to interact while Landholm focuses on all technical aspects to make it a reality


Landholm will launch the necessary SaaS and iPaaS systems for your strategic business units and will help you customize all the automatizations you will need to efficiently manage customer relations, collect web data, establish marketing triggers for actions based on customer behaviour and streamline your sales and invoice processes.

The technical aspects such as pre-built connectors, maps and transformations required to make all of your SaaS work together smoothly will be handle by Lanholm – you will only enjoy the results and focus on your primary business goals.


Working with us, we will be happy to support your systems, handle and organise incoming data in order to make it full in complete.

Daily working with tech, we all know that lots of issues may arise which may slow down your business operations, especially in first few months after setting all systems in place.

While all the services which Landholm provides have their own helplines, you can leverage Landholm’s support services as a one-stop solution centre, resolving immediate problems of your Infrastructure in a timely manner.

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