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As the main social network platform in China, WeChat is your gateway to China and all Chinese markets. With over a billion users, WeChat is the preferred communication channel of the Chinese people inside and also outside of China. Business cannot be carried out in China without WeChat – as of 2020, transactions over RMB 1.6 trillion have been carried out through WeChat. The potential to showcase your brand and operate your business in China through WeChat is immense.

Our Expertise: Crafting WeChat Accounts and Mini Programs for Your Business

At Landhom, we specialize in providing top-notch WeChat development services tailored to meet your specific business needs. Whether you are a startup or a well-established enterprise, our team of skilled developers and digital strategists is committed to helping you harness the full potential of WeChat.

With an estimated 1.2 billion monthly users on WeChat, opening an Official WeChat Account can play a key role for your brand to access the Chinese market. Landholm will not only ensure you know how to register an Official WeChat Account, but we will also make sure to enhance your official account’s functionality and performance.


Official WeChat Accounts are designed to create a dialogue with the company’s followers and user base – they are used for customer support and information broadcasting. WeChat Mini Programs are used for functional purposes and are deisgned for more customer engagement. Together, they will create a seamless experience for your customers allowing them to experience your brand story.
WeChat is all encompassing. It covers and integrates a vast selection of utilities in its ecosystem to boost your connection to your customers and make their experience with you truly unique. You can leverage the power of service or subscription accounts to guide your audience through your brand story. First and foremost, it is a social platform which provides the ability to chat or be part of groups where you can enrich their lives with your content regardless of its format. Whether it is text, pictures, sound bites or videos, WeChat Official Accounts gives you the possibility to convey it all simply and rapidly to your audience. Also, there are special content features which allow your stories to appear in your audience’s feeds. In this way, you can easily communicate your core message and create a lasting bond with your customers.
The WeChat experience cannot be complete without its miniprogram and service features. Leverage miniprograms such as your very own WeChat Mini Program Store or develop your own application to provide value to your customers. Consultation services, delivery programs or even games – all can be integrated into WeChat to leave your customers satisfied and positively impacted by your brand.

Landholm proposes the following services to get you up and running:


Using WeChat can be tricky due to certain limitations therefore it requires both understanding and careful planning when using it to promote your brand presence in China. Together with Landholm, you will evaluate your brand’s needs as well as corporate goals in the context of the Chinese market and elaborate a plan to develop solid communications with your target customers. Your WeChat strategy will empower your brand to expand rapidly in China reaching new people and closing deals.

Building upon your existing brand strategy, or elaborating a new one, we will plan short and long term focus areas, prepare content plans as well as brainstorm efficient and innovative solutions that are well adapted to your brand and its audiences. You can rest assured that the very best existing tools and techniques will be used to prepare and carry it all out. So whether your focus is on content, customer service, product promotion through groups and ads or simply engaging more directly with your customer-base through multi-channel marketing, we will pave the way for you.


To operate as a business, you will have to set up an official WeChat account, but how do you register an Official WeChat Account? How can you open a subscription WeChat account? How can you open a service WeChat account? So many questions that need answer, but thankfully, Landholm guides you through this process to seamlessly set it up rapidly according to constantly changing registration processes. You will only need to worry about the setup.

Landholm will develop account layout, posts planning and design, setting up customer interaction notifications, 3D-party platform integrations and manage your account so that you can focus on delivering your brand narrative in the most efficient way through your content. We will make it easy for you and your customers to use and interact with.

We will also set up the tools you will need to extract analytical insights from customer behavior so that you can personalize your marketing approach to better serve your customers. Increased value and quicker customer support will increase retention rates turning followers into customers and increasing omni-channel conversions.

Still unsure about the type of account your brand needs: subscription or service? Contact us to discuss your business goals to opt for the best solution going forward.


WeChat miniprograms are very widely used in China. There is close to half a billion daily users! The potential to not only increase awareness for your brand, but to also move your audiences to action through them is immense. There is a lot of benefit to set up miniprograms using WeChat because your customers will be able to directly access your products and services without the need to use other third-party platforms.

From e-commerce stores to music applications, the possibilities are almost endless as to what you can set up. This will dramatically improve your UX and facilitate purchases. We will work together with you to develop, register and improve your miniprograms on WeChat. At last, we will help to promote your WeChat miniprogram to help you gain more users and brand advocates. You will thus be able to generate more leads, customers and also direct them to your other channels.


WeChat Stores is a growing trend among WeChat users in China. There is a growing number of users browsing products and services using these WeChat online stores which has resulted in an overall increase in sales for many brands in China. This is because purchases in WeChat Stores are more convenient since users don't have to use third-party applications. These stores, though, are only as convenient as you wish to make them. Landholm will help your brand set up an online store using WeChat MiniShop so that you do not leave any opportunity to connect with and provide for your customers.

Along our WeChat Account registration service, we can also register a WeChat store for you and set it up. We will help you design the store's interface, upload the necessary integrations to your stock or services and elaborating the WeChat Store SEO strategy you need to put your goods on the forefront. Doing business in China has never been easier than now and Landholm will make the process smooth.

Why WeChat Development Matters for Your Business in China

  1. Reach a Massive Audience: WeChat boasts more than 1.2 billion monthly active users, making it an unparalleled platform to engage with a vast and diverse audience in China.

  2. Seamless Communication: With its integrated messaging and social media features, WeChat allows you to communicate with your customers effortlessly, fostering strong relationships and building trust.

  3. Mini Programs for Enhanced Functionality: We can create customized WeChat Mini Programs to augment your brand’s offerings. These lightweight applications provide users with a seamless and immersive experience, from e-commerce to customer service.

  4. E-commerce Integration: WeChat is not just a social platform; it’s also a thriving e-commerce ecosystem. Our WeChat development services enable you to tap into this market and drive sales directly through the platform.

  5. Data-Driven Insights: We provide you with access to valuable user data and analytics, allowing you to fine-tune your marketing efforts and stay ahead of the competition.

  6. Cultural Sensitivity: Our team understands the cultural nuances of China, ensuring that your WeChat presence aligns with local customs and preferences.


Get Started with Our WeChat Development Services

If you’re planning to expand your business into China or want to revitalize your existing presence, don’t miss out on the immense potential WeChat offers. Contact us today to discuss your WeChat development needs, and let us help you unlock the doors to success in the Chinese market. Together, we’ll craft a strategy that will elevate your brand and drive growth through the power of WeChat.

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